Reproductor VCD para la DC

Echelon ha releaseado un reproductor de VCDs para la DC, que puede reproducir directamente video-cds sin necesidad de ninguna conversión! Sin embargo, al igual que ocurriera con el reproductor MP3 de Blaze, se trata de un software comercial y por lo tanto no lo podréis encontrar en nuestra web :(.

       `- Proudly Presents:        Util.....: Dreamcast VCD Player (C) Xing Hong Electric                     Origin...: HK - NTSC            -  Filename.....: E-DCVCD.001         Released.: May 4th, 2001        -  Format.......: DiskJuggler (CDI)        Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC)  -  CD(s)........: 1        CD1 Info.: 2 RARS / 74 MINS     -  Ripped.......: Not Applicable      - --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>      Here´s a neat little utility that will convert your Dreamcast into a       VCD player.  The dongle protection that was intitially part of this         package has been removed.  We feel sorry for all of these online         retailers that have stocked up on this product.  :)           Just boot up this into your Dreamcast, and insert the VCD.  No more      messing with lame vcd->DC conversion utilites.         Please note that this VCD Player has support for VCD2.0 and under,       and has been RGB fixed.