Nueva actualización software del modchip Ghost 2.

Los desarrolladores del modchip de PS2 Ghost 2 han publicado una importante actualización del software de su chip. Por un lado han actualizado el firmware (v1.2) mejorando la compatibilidad con discos duros y añadiendo el modo DEV para cargar programas desde la memory card; por otro han incorporado un gestor de configuración para poder cambiar el funcionamiento del chip.

Dear G.2 Fan Base, 

After long months in the coming, we are very happy to
finally announce a full set of new features for your G.2

This new release is made up of two separate parts:

- The new G.2 firmware, version 1.2
- The Ghost2 Configuration and Manager, version 1.0

The new firmware has been released in the form of a
recovery CD. It can be downloaded in all the usual
places around the net. It will update your G.2 firmware
to version 1.2, with the following new features:

- FULL HDD support (including support for HDDs
previously reported as not working);
- Debug Mode and Debug Output messaging is now
- DEV mode is added;

There are 2 versions for this recovery CD, one for
PAL and one for NTSC.  Please use the appropriate
version for your console.

The Development Team also released a new software
tool called Ghost2 Configuration Manager (a.k.a.
Loader/Manager). After you update your G.2 firmware
to version 1.2, you can run Ghost2 Manager CD, which
will install Ghost2 Manager into your memory card (this
disk runs in the default ps2 mode).

The installation is automatic and it is the only function
of the Configuration Manager disc, once done, the CD
is not needed anymore.  You can now access Ghost2
Manager by holding TRIANGLE on the control pad while
pressing reset. 

This new software will allow you to unleash a powerful
set of new G.2 features:

- Toggling ON and OFF the Green Fix (which allows you
to play movies in full color while using an RGB cable);

- Toggling ON and OFF the Macrovision Fix (an analogic
scrambling system for dvd video, which can have adverse
effects if your PS2 is not directly connected to your TV
set or if you are using a video projector);

- Toggling ON and OFF the PSX Screen Fix (which corrects
screen size for NTSC PSX games when running on a PAL PS2);

- Selecting the default Boot Mode, which can now be set
to AUTO- DETECT (standard), FAST BOOT (skips logos)
and DEV MODE (to load by default the Ghost 2 Manager
from your memory card).

All these features are available right now using Ghost2
Configuration Manager 1.0.

DEV mode allows:

- Running ExecFTP, which sets up an FTP server on your
PS2 so you can copy files and applications to and from
your memory card.

- Running homebrew software and custom applications from
your memory card, such as Media Players, Emulators and other
new ones that keep appearing on a daily basis. To run custom
applications they have to be placed into mc0:/boot directory
(the file boot.elf is for DEV mode, you can setup boot0.elf to
boot3.elf for your applications).

Finally, there is a new set of control keys to automatically
activate the different boot modes when you start up or reset
your PS2:

- L1 = Force Games to load in PSX mode (if you want to skip
auto-detect, when you know the disk is PSX format).
- R1 = Fast Boot for PS2 disks (skips PS2 Logo).
- TRIANGLE = Ghost2 Manager - Ghost2 Manager must be
installed and a memory card must be present.
- O = Dev Mode (starts file boot.elf).
- X = Override Dev Mode (if it's been selected as default mode
in GH2 Manager).
- Arrow UP = load boot0.elf from memory card.
- Arrow RIGHT = load boot1.elf from memory card.
- Arrow DOWN = load boot2.elf from memory card.
- Arrow LEFT = load boot3.elf from memory card (for example
you can have FTP server, DivX player etc. stored in the memory
card and select them with the arrow keys, if the corresponding
file doesn't exist it will bring up the PS2 browser.

Please visit us on the forums and give your feedback, suggestions
and bug reports. We are focused on making Ghost.2 the BEST,
most feature-rich and user-friendly modchip in the scene, so
please drop by and send give us your opinions. We are very much
looking forward to hearing from you!

Those new releases will bring the G.2 into the OPEN SOURCE state
that we dreamed about. From now, we will focus on publishing how
to control internal parts of G2, how to reprogram eeprom, create
new hardware patches etc. with sample code.

Any PS2 modded with G.2 will also act as a DEBUG STATION,
supporting variety of tools (you can execute programs step by
step, set break points, see the registers etc. and this is not a
software emulation - this is on retail PS2 hardware)

Stay tuned, there is much more to come ;)
Fuente: PS2Ownz