El retorno de Kalisto

16 horas después de que anunciaran el abandono temporal de la DC scene vuelven con otro release, el Ultimate Fighting Championship, que además parece ser el primer juego de DC protegido. Además, con la simpatía que les caracteriza nos dedican a todos estas bonitas palabras en el .nfo del juego:

"Ok, Back from our 16 hour break. Really funny to see most of you whiner´s reactions. Did you guys ever sit down and wonder which group has given you 95% of the DC releases out there?
To those of you who think we´re arrogant/childish, all I can say is put your money where your mouth is, and do something about it, or don´t download any of our releases. Simple as that.
And to the people who can´t get DJ working, do you really think we give a fuck about your shitty burner´s problem? Take what you can and if you dont like it, FUCK OFF and do it yourself.
Never bite the hand that feeds you folks, otherwise you´d be stuck playing lame NES emulators on your wonderful 128bit machines. But its not all negative here, we´d like to say thanks to all our fans and supporters, and this game is dedicated to you."

Para quien no sepa inglés básicamente lo que dicen es que ha sido divertido ver nuestra reacción, que nos callemos la boca, que nos jodamos sino nos funciona el DiscJuggler y que nunca mordamos la mano que nos alimenta, o de lo contrario tendremos que conformarnos con jugar a emuladores lamers de la NES...