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jeje llevaba varios dias tras él, hoy al fin lo han puesto pero como mis conocimientos de japonés no llegan más allá de konishiwa reto a cualquiera del foro (Neorude for example) intentar averiguar si la reserva conlleva el disco Bonus ya conocido por todos.


5780 Yenes es lo que piden por él, lo que equivale a 47€ mi-se-ri-cor-dio-sos €uros :(

Ah, no os empujeis, Amazon Japan no vende fuera de Japón.

Traduccion "made by altavista":

The takt of the legendary wind of the big title ' ... which even another face of Nintendo Co. it should call '. The request that " if it was possible to move the protagonist of the animation movie unrestrictedly, " it is appearance of the software which it serves.

Now as for the work, the point where expression method of the graphics, " .......... " is adopted the point. The lovely game picture where with the technology which expresses graphics of the 3d to the animation wind of the 2d, there is a taste has been reproduced.

And, we would like to observe to also the degree of completion of the game contents which embezzle this " .......... " technology well. Link using the movement and the like of the eye, it shakes and the production which raises the empathy of the prayer is included in everywhere e.g., the rich " joy and anger grief and happiness " which is sown, relates to the puzzle solving of the game.

It is carried off the younger sister and the numbers stands difficultly and faces and as for the story of the link, ., not only the child and on either the adult impression it is made it is not different. (Yatomi Hisashi harmony)
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5.....5 Graphics is enormous! 2002/08/27
...10 ..... Contribution person takku
Sale may become still first, is, but the thought which was seen with the E3.

After being sold with the super Family Computer, always it records large hit the work which designates " the legendary series first GC of the ... " as the platform.

Now the work was sold with the NINTENDO64 real it is indicated with the polygon " the ocarina of the time " and " the mask of the .... " and the way not to be 7 life-size links, being lovely, the word . which adds animation texture in gallant polygon they are 3 life-size links " of the animation which can be moved freely ".

Operation method almost is the same as 64 editions. Animation check the world of full polygon link runs about strongly. It can give which equipment in the heart and some button which show life, the attack button keeps pushing with the basic aggressive system of the revolution cutting and the like is healthy. Boss game like the normal action game with ordinary means, it is the degree of hardness which does not go. The . - it is, to include also the puzzle solving and the like to the light/write user, 64 similarly rather the threshold so is high. However (with that the puzzle solving which is difficult is the ... . . . . is to call, don't you think? the .)

In addition " the event and the movie the recent game would like to see are long in the especially long-time user, it is it is not? You think " with the person who is thought it is many, but as for this ... as for conversation pushing the button, being to be the system which the scroll it can point the conversational sentence worry it does not need.

It does also the kind of air where some event scene has become long but it meaning that the game part has occupied the majority worry it does not need. Because medium became the disk, the CG movie enters also kana thinking, it increased, but at all it is improbable.

You think truth it is funny. Whether also it is good to try buying the cube in order to do this!

(Dissatisfaction there is no insecurity, if is) it makes the point be, effective sound completely had to be the same as 64. In addition it meaning that graphics is too enormous, it is not to break the image " of game basis " of the game cube or, therefore (Miyamoto such a thing however you think without fail it is not), with is a .. which was said.

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5.....5 * The < life coming good * it is hot, it is the > game, * , 2002/10/20
...500 ..... Contribution person bls The Tokyo Japan
It goes without saying, but with the E3 which is exhibition of the world's largest video game of this year for the deferred type game machine the software which Miyamoto manages with the only software which is awarded the BEST CONSOLE GAME prize which is chosen from the midst of the software. (Http: The //www.e3awards.com/win.html) below, you write on the basis of the private impression with the E3.

From world view of the animation wind, expression of the extent temperature impression and the like of being surprised is really transmitted. Perhaps, real the foot is put in the actual world in the world of the CG those which cannot feel. Real because it is, it felt keenly the fact that it does not mean that the impression which is received from expression of the work becomes lively. Clearly the air where the life impression or the stirring impression is transmitted to the prayer directly does even from at the time of 64.

The expression to which many games dry was done, as for the expression which has the temperature impression compared to from the expression which copies the actual world vis-a-vis simply simply having aimed toward the accuracy and fine expression, expression in order . seeking to do whether such ones could make the fact that you say, the prayer feel keenly.
In addition, it is the important operation impression with all games, but to be understood it is easy to use easily. This was improved than the ... of 64.

This is best ones in the ......., but furthermore it probably is prominent even in the software of 128 bits after the PS2.

Those where we can recommend are not just the fan of the ....

The pleasure which is betrayed expectation with the most unexpected impression, is new can be discovered, on the other hand, looking at the picture of the animation wind, when low it is the software for the child of age, it probably has presumed. The prayer of such segment probably will be betrayed the advance being convinced in good sense.

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The male be completed degree: 4.7 5.....

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5.....5 New work of expectation! 2002/11/04
...500 ..... Contribution person manhole Hokkaido Haboro Cho
The eye of the latest link is just a little large texture.
The latest prejudice of Nintendo Co. is the movement of the eye.
For example, those of the back are taken the time
The around with respect to tilt the normal human being something which is seen does somewhere eye.
The latest link does that kind of clear movement.
Now as for the work as for the former puzzle solving of course.
" Try fourth of game boy advance software also pantheon "

The gearing stripe sushi, there is no advance software
If there is advance itself, being linked with cube edition, it is designed in such a way that you can play.
Furthermore unless advance it is linked, when there is the pleasure which does not appear * *.

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5.....5 Disk system edition is remembered , 2002/10/24
Contribution person nao-kun
Immediately after being released with the E3,
In net cat eye and cat eye
In bad sense it becomes topic,
Hitting the . which sows it is being also you remember still to be new,, but
The opinion is gathered,
The present version where also expression was adjusted,
I am rather favorite.

In the person who knows the world of the ... from after,
64 edition ... and super Family Computer edition
You think favorite one it is many, but

After all, starting point disk system edition of the first generation.

With TV and net
It reaches the point where you can look at the image which moves,
Again, in the latest game cube edition,
... of disk system edition
Finally, it isn't to be the shape which it could evolve orthodoxly?
It reached the point where you think.

That degree of freedom, that creativity and that impression.

As for me young by your
Every disk system you make buy
Because you were moved what which is a match to that masterpiece by the software,
This time every hard it had making buy.
(Now, it waits for the day when it can move motionlessly)

Sale December 13th is the pleasure truly from now.
bidule mira aqui:


traduce bastante bien, pega la pagina arriba y traduce del japo al ingles, pasa de traducir al español xD aveces qeuda mu raro, mejor al ingles ;) mira a ver si te sirve de algo, yo no ceo na de lo que dices...pero miratelo tu, ok?
uhm, bueno ya lo tienes hay xD, san adelantao pero vamos si quieres verlos con sus fotitos y to xD
Gracias M3D y DeD [oki]

Te lo vas a pillar japones, Bidule?
Hacen pre-reservas en NCSX, pero yo con el RE1 sali escarmentado, ya que a las 2 semanas de salir, aun no lo tenian en stock, asi que les cancele el pedido.
Supongo que todo sera a ver si venden la edicion con el OoT y el Ura... [fumando]

P.D.: que lastima no saber japones... [buuuaaaa]
Efectivamente M3D, pero unicamente si conlleva el Bonus Disc, sino me espero a ver si Nintendo lo saca a la venta o decide entregarlo con cada juego vendido.

Es el problema de NCSX, mucha gente les compra y se quedan rapidamente sin nada :(

Para figurinas es el sitio perfecto eso sí [oki]

Voy a ver allí que me dicen, gracias de nuevo M3D.

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