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Hotfix disponible
V1.0.0.1 hotfix has just been deployed:

Fixed loading screen crash when joining in-progress multiplayer sessions
Adjusted FFB clipping, aero & default steering ratio for Stock 2020 & corrected minor wheelbase / track width discrepancies
Adjusted Ginetta G55 & G58 max FFB force to reduce clipping
Bumped up SuperV8 engine output slightly to bring it closer to latest engine specs
Bathurst: Updated road & trackside ads textures, fixed triangulation glitch in main road at the pitwall area
Added missing Cascais loading screen
Fix DRS trackside board issues at Interlagos, Kansai, Spielberg
Corrected windshield water wiping animation for Ultima GTR Road version

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Versión disponible
V1.0.0.2 Changelog:

Updated opening splash screens & main menu background
Added interface toggle & updated "Back" button in monitor screen
Updated position/lap counter HUD widget
Set display current lap instead of completed laps in position widget
Reduced number of positions displayed in overall standings HUD widget
Added relative positions HUD widget
Tweaked default positions for HUD elements
Updated StockCar 2020 cockpits & wiper / windshield animations for both Cruze & Corolla
Updated wiper mask & animation , SuperV8, Sprintrace, Sigma P1
Added wiper & windshield animations for Fusca (all variants)
Added new liveries for GX390 Kart
Updated liveries forSigma P1, AJR Judd, Ginetta G58, F-ultimate
Reduced max AI strentgh grip multiplier to reduce issues with AI misbehavior @ 120% setting
Minor increase of AI peak mid corner grip in modern-slick shod cars
Reduced F-Retro aero yaw sensitivity (all models)
Bathurst: added dynamic brake markers; added fences / armcos / other tweaks to barriers around the track; corrected wall height on the hill; added hotel building (still WIP), club house, farm buildings and some other buildings; Added powerlines (still WIP) Fixed a hole in the terrain in the Chase corner
Velocitta: Fixed player DQ when leaving pits
Spielberg: Recalibrated DRS and braker marker sign spacing/distance and reset pivots on dynamic brake markers.
Interlagos: Removed static DRS signs
SuperV8 sound updated with Rev Limiter, pitlimiter and pitlimiter trigger sounds
Ginetta G55: external sound update.
FClassic G3M1: Updated engine positional audio

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Update disponible
V1.0.0.3 Changelog:
Added real driver names to Stock Car 2020 series & fictional names to ARC Camaro series (all series will feature dedicated driver names and AI personalities by the next update)
Bathurst: Adjusted track, curbing and wall geometry in several places: elevation at The Cutting, curb height at Quarry, curb width & angle at McPhillamy Park, walls at Forrest's Elbow, curb width at The Chase and curb height at Murray's corner; tweaked foliage placement & types; added more details to the roads & environment; added crowds; added several buildings; added distant villages; finished power lines & night lighting; adjusted livegrass placement; adjusted shadows and optimization; added hires adverts textures; Fixed wrong normals on 150m board
Recalibrated brake marker spacing at Goiania, Cascavel, Guapore
Corrected object orientation and reset pivot on dynamic brake marker objects. at Velopark, Interlagos, Campo Grande
Super V8: corrected RPM display range
Sprintrace, Corolla, Stock Car 2019, Copa Uno: Fixed stickers flickiring and interior LOD issues
Added wiper animations to Copa Uno & Uno Copa Classic B
Corrected windshield wiping animation for MIT Lancer R & RS, Stock Car 2019, Copa Montana, Metalmoro AJR, Sigma P1, Opala 1979, 1986 & Old Stock
Fixed Goiania layout for first round of Stock Car 2020 championship
Added missing Stock Car Push-To-Pass functionality (not allowed in 1st lap, 5s delay between button pressing & activation) to Copa Montana, Stock Car 2019 & Stock Car 2020
Stiffened front tyre sidewalls for F-Reiza, F-Ultimate,Stock Car, Ultima GTR (Road & Race), Copa Truck, F3, F-Trainer, Sprint Race, Montana, Caterhams & all Prototype classes
Removed medium tyre compound option for StockCar 2020 (only hards available now as per 2020 rules)
Lowered default diff preload & viscous lock settings (requires setup reset to take effect)
Minor AI callibration to Stock2020, F-Retro, G55 series

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La próxima actualización será a finales de julio que añadirá nuevas características y contenido al juego.
De momento lo estoy probando con un gamepad y me ha sorprendido lo fácil de configurarlo todo y ponerse ya en carrera.
Los efectos de sonido están bastante bien logrados, ayuda bastante a la inmersión.
Tiene bastantes opciones para dejar el coche bien configurado para las carreras.
Los efectos climatologicos también los veo rayar a muy buen nivel.
En el cómputo general me está gustando bastante y a diferencia de otros juegos, en este no he tenido que tocar casi nada para hacerme con el control del coche.
El rendimiento está bastante bien optimizado para todo lo que muestra en pantalla.
Todo esto siempre desde mi opinión personal claro está.
El online aún no lo he probado. [ayay]

Lástima que no tenga tanto público como otros porque yo estoy viendo que supera en muchas cosas a otros simuladores del mercado.

Sartenmix escribió:De momento lo estoy probando con un gamepad y me ha sorprendido lo fácil de configurarlo todo y ponerse ya en carrera.
Los efectos de sonido están bastante bien logrados, ayuda bastante a la inmersión.
Tiene bastantes opciones para dejar el coche bien configurado para las carreras.
Los efectos climatologicos también los veo rayar a muy buen nivel.
En el cómputo general me está gustando bastante y a diferencia de otros juegos, en este no he tenido que tocar casi nada para hacerme con el control del coche.
El rendimiento está bastante bien optimizado para todo lo que muestra en pantalla.
Todo esto siempre desde mi opinión personal claro está.
El online aún no lo he probado. [ayay]

Lástima que no tenga tanto público como otros porque yo estoy viendo que supera en muchas cosas a otros simuladores del mercado.


Sin desmerecer este título, para mí está muy por detrás de lo que a día de hoy ofrece rfactor 2 y Assetto corsa.
Personalmente este título me ha enganchado y parecido algo superior a los asettos en ciertos aspectos como es la inmersión del sonido y ciertos detalles gráficos que también afectan a la jugabilidad (tengo ambos).
Un ejemplo que se me viene a la cabeza... En una carrera cuando vas por el lado sucio noto más realismo en sus efectos que con los asettos.
Repito es una apreciación personal y puede que me equivoque.
Yo estoy muy contento por el momento con lo que este simulador me está ofreciendo.
Disponible la actualización V1.0.1.0 y el pack de Hockenheimring que será gratuito para todos los que tengan el juego o lo compren antes del 26 de julio.

Added Hockenheimring 2020 (GP, National & 2 Short layouts)
Added Hockenheimring Historic versions (1977, 1988, 2001)

Fixed incorrect logo alignment on initial splash in some resolutions
Added Session duration information to In-Race Info Layer
Add 'Skip Cooldown Lap' option after race is finished
Tweaked text colour and background opacity on timing/delta messages
Increased name area on relative positions HUD unit
Fixed championship standings screen only displaying first driver
Added markers for DLC content
Fixed Single Official Championship autoloading.
Fixed lower case button labels on pause menu return to pits button.
Corrected inconsistent size in Kart thumbnails
Fixed Caterham Academy gearbox information
Fixed error in Superkart name
Slightly improved lighting in showroom
Corrected Stock Cruze 2020 Thumbnails
Fixed position 6 selecting position 5 vehicle on monitor leaderboard
Fixed looping issue when trying to invite players to lobby via steam overlay
Added more fonts assets
Updated splash screen content logos
Added hud colors + HUD class logos for Montana and G55

Implemented optimal brake temp ranges (this adds an optimal brake temperature plateau to the brake response curve, making them slightly less peaky)
Revised load damping for all tyres & sidewall & tread stiffness tweaks to F-Retro, F-Reiza, F-V10, F-Ultimate, Caterhams
Adjusted F-Classic, F-Trainer, F-Retro & F3 tyre treads
Adjusted carcass stiffness for karts & superkarts
Reduced carcass heating for Truck tyres
Added new Differential hump mode values (this affects how the viscous locking torque varies by fluid temperature inside the diff, reducing locking torque as slip starts to increase the temperature, then virtually seizes with high locking torque as thermal expansion dominates at higher temperatures)
Removed air restrictor setup option
Reduced front ride height range & default setting, rear brake torque for G55 Supercup
Revised rear wing efficiency & distribution for G55, Stock V8 2020 (both models
Further adjusted F-Retro aero yaw & rake sensitivity
Reduced wheel contact factor (hopefully contributes to excessive collision issues)
Slightly increased FFB max force range
Fixed Push-to-Pass button being available for Stock Car series in Time Trial mode
Fixed wrong default preload following range correction in v1.0.0.3
Added antistall clutch to all karts
Kart brake heating updates
Adjusted Copa Truck tyre temp optimal window
Reduced engine inertia for superkart
Adjusted head physics (slightly better bump damping in cockpit view)
Minor adjustment to MRX & Sigma P1 FFB max force
Corrected default wing setting for F-V10, F-V12 (one click more in both ends for both cars)
Reduced baseline anti-roll bar stiffness for F-Reiza
Opalas: Reduced brake heating, moved default brake bias slightly forwards
F-Classic: Small tweak to FFB max force
Increased DRS effects for all cars that feature the device

Added new AI start logic (AI cars now are more creative off the line in looking for spaces and getting out of single file over first lap)
Added opponent names & personalities for F-Ultimate, F-V10, F-V12 drivers
Adjusted AI blue flag behaviour to reduce erratic movements when lapped in races
Minor AI performance callibration pass for P1, P2 models
Slightly reduced AI Grip for Bathurst
Revised Classic cars AI performance & throttle application (fixing some inconsistencies added with late pre-release changes)
Callibrated AI performance for Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Copa Clasic, Karts, Caterhams, G55 Supercup series
Increased AI effects for DRS

Reduced default tire skid & surface volume to 50%

Brasilia: Fixed vehicles popup behind the tents at turn 1
Cascais Slightly improved performance in replays
Guapore: Reduced garage depth (stops AI crashing on pit exit)

Fixed bug in sorting cars of the same class in a quick race grid (now grid is always randomised within same grid grouping value)
Fixed Gol & Passat grid grouping in Copa Classic FL & Hot Cars
Added Gol wiper animations and cockpit vibrations (all variants)
Сhevette: Wiper pivot point correction
Added Copa Truck wiper animations and cockpit vibrations (mirrors/window net)
Added Puma GTB, GTE,P052, Chevette wiper & cockpit animations
Added cockpit animations, wipers & windscreen cleaning animation to ARC Camaro and Passat (all variants)
Added suspension animations and cockpit vibrations to F-Classic G3M2
Updated Vitor Genz KTF livery
Added New Ginetta G58 livery
Corrected F309 undercar shadow
Corrected cockpit POV for F-Classic G3M2
Temporarily disabled some suspension animations fro F-reiza, F-V10, F-v12 and F-Ultimate
F.Reiza: Fixed numbering on liveries
Updated Formula V10 Gen2 liveries: (2 New Teams - AsiaTech Factory Racing #24 #25 / Dominilab Racing #26 #27) + Updated/Revised #05 #06 #09 #10 #11 #12 #18 #19

https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/ ... 7611720944

Trailer Hockenheim

Todos los meses habrá una actualización importartante del juego pero el mes que viene habrá 2 en las que añadirán un montón de contenido nuevo. La primera será el 7 de agosto que mejorará el modo campeonato y añadirán la traducción del juego al portugués, francés y castellano.
The exception will be in August when we are releasing not one but two major updates (including a LOT of new content) at the beginning and end of the month.

The next update (scheduled for August 7th) will feature substantial developments to championship mode and introduce portuguese, spanish & french localization.

Parche v1.0.1.1 disponible

Adjusted row highlighting on session Load/Save screen to make active column more obvious.
Enabled keyboard Tab key navigation for setup Save/Load page columns
Updated "Ready" icon in lobby
Fixed incorrect icon shown on dedicated servers in multiplayer browser
Fixed ultrawide alignment issues on vehicle classes dialog screen
Minor general AI dry performance callibration pass
Updated track limit system logic to help avoid some penalties when avoiding accidents
Reduced amount & time of lifting throttle required to pay track limit penalty
Interlagos Historic: Fixed AI hitting garage door post on exit; updated performance; Set Max AI participants to 31; Fixed AI hitting garage door post on exit
Hockenheim: Minor art pass to all versions; added screen gantry / pit pole; updated render road mesh to match physical; remove static crash fences from 1977 version; updated Historical & National cameras
Camaro SS: Added wiper & windshield cleaning animations
Formula V10 Gen2 - 2 skins Hitwin FR Team
Adjusted onboard cams for ARC Camaro, F-Retros, F-Vintages, Trucks, Opalas, SprintRace, Puma P052, Stock Cars, Super V8
Fusca (all variants): Adjusted cockpit POV

https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/ ... 7614757268

Parche v1.0.1.2 disponible

Fixed CTD when saving / loading car setups
Fixed in-game session lengths block displaying wrong values in multiplayer
Further adjustments to AI behaviour over first lap (ongoing development)
Further revisions of penalty system & detection of cars to be ignored when going off track (ongoing development)
Fixed position 6 selecting position 5 on instant replay leaderboard
Fixed load to frontend placeholder background image
Fixed text in vehicle selection screen displaying in some wrong situations
Fixed & corrected StockCar 2020 thumbnails
Fixed error in Stock Corolla causing a blank red car to load
Fixed error in one of the new AI personalities causing some drivers to coast to a halt
Further adjustments to ARC Camaro, Truck, Stock Car onboard cameras
Slightly reduced kart scrub radius
Further minor adjustments to tyre sidewalls & load damping
Slightly reduced AI Aggression multipliers for all cars
Slightly reduced grass, gravel bump amplitude for less bouncing when going off-track
Hockenheim: Adjusted AI pace in T2, T6 and T8 @ Hockenheim Modern; Adjusted AI pace @ final corner in 77/88 layoutsAdd some pit in/out line cones to 88/01 versions
Londrina: fixed broken pit exit/entry merge to main path.
Corrected Stock Car 2019 driver model animations
Stock Car 2020: Piquet Jr livery update with Extreme SimRacing logo
Stock Car 2019 - Collision mesh correction
ARC Camaro - Fixed cockpit mirrors
Camaro SS Added wiper animations and cockpit vibrations

https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/ ... 7622335566
Automobilista 2 July 2020 Development Update
https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/ ... ate.12347/

En la actualización que saldrá sobre el 7 de agosto, añadirán más campeonatos para el modo Campeonato pudiendo personalizar la duración de las sesiones y permitiendo el guardado entre sesiones. Se simplificará el sistema de los límites de pista para funcione como funcionaba en AMS1. Habrá mejoras en la IA. La semana que viene saldrá el DLC de Silverstone que incluirá las versiones de 1975, 1991, 2001 y 2019. Habrá 2 nuevos coches reales en la categoría F-Vintage Gen2: el Lotus 49C y el Brabham BT26, un coche ficticio el Formula V10 Gen. Están en las últimas etapas de negociación de licencias para añadir turismos alemanes como el BMW M1 Procar (será el primero en llegar) y, más adelante, el BMW M30 E30 y el Mercedes 190E Evo2. Los GT3 y GT4 que añadirán serán de BMW, Mercedes y de otro fabricante alemán por anunciar. El DLC de Nürburgring será el 4º de los DLCs de circuitos y saldrá tras el DLC de Spa e incluirá, inicialmente, las variantes de Nordschleife, GP y 24h a las que se añadirán otras más adelante.

Gameplay de Silverstone 2020 en VR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHW2dgOBS-g
Actualización V disponible
FULL V1.0.1.2 -> V1.0.2.0 CHANGELOG:

Added F-V10 Gen1 class
Added Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A to F-Vintage Gen2 series
Released Silverstone Pack featuring 2020, 2001, 1991 & 1975 versions (DLC package)e

Championship mode: Added Frontend standings table; Added race length scaling option; Added progress reset option; Fixed bug ensuring player vehicle respects championship configuration.
Added new track limit penalty system- no more slowdown penalties (except to give back positions), driver has a customizable number of track limit violations before being awarded a drive-thru penalty
Added penalty tolerance logic for when the cut occurs over grass/gravel or occurs after a contact with another vehicle
Decreased the distance in which a track limit violation invalidates the next lap
Track limit rules made standard for all racing sessions (whether single or multiplayer) for better consistency

Added Brazilian-PT localization (Beta)
Fixed some situations where Championship was incorrectly identified as a Career championship
Added UI Pit Strategy screens (access via Setup screen)
Added Vehicle List switch option to Vehicle Selection page.
Fixed Time Trial info unit still showing old style in Minimal mode
Multiplayer chatbox now logs all messages over the session
Removed the fade delay from "Give back Position" HUD message so it disappears instantly when position is returned

Reduced tyre speed effects on adhesive friction for all slick tires
Increased longitudinal slip (and reduced understeer as a result) for f-Retro, F-Vintage, Opala 1986 tyres
Adjusted F-Vintage Gen2 tyre width, diameter & gear ratios to match new official cars
Reduced engine inertia on all MRX engines
Adjusted front splitter pitch sensitivity for prototypes, GTs
Minor aerodynamical revisions for AJR, Stock 2020
F-Ultimate: Adjusted ERS charging & deployment properties (higher throttle threshold, more charging from full brakes) to minimise chances of battery running out over 1st laps
Adjusted car body friction & restitution (slightly less jerky when coming into contact with other cars)
Fixed Copa Classic CTD from missing wet compound tyre
Fixed Camaro SS 6th gear ratio

Removed all "artificial" AI functions affecting their behavior in racing situations (minimises unpredictable reactions)
First-lap decision making on 1st lap introduced in v1.0.1.0 now applies to all race laps
Fixed AI tendency to put wheels on the grass on straights for no apparent reason during lap 1
Added initial version AI defensive driving logic (very subtle on this release to minimise potential issues)
Further AI refinements to reduce likelihood of accidents on lap 1, including logic for AI to be more careful when rejoining the track after going off
Adjusted DRS activation speeds for AI for Sigma P1 & AJR cars equipped with the device
Minor AI Grip tuning for Cascais, Hockenheim
Improved pitlane merge to main path at Hockenheim GP / National

Super V8: Muted PitLimiter sound for now until further code adjustments

Hockenheim 2020: Slightly relaxed high frequency road surface noise for a less bouncy ride

Added F-Classic suspension animations & adjusted driver animations (all models)
Fixed F-Trainer driver hands position in 3rd person view
Stock Car Cruze 2020: Fixed chassis visual glitch
Camaro SS: Corrected mirror position
ARC Camaro - Fixed visual glitch on liveries 3,4,98,99
Puma P052: Corrected display RPM and Speed readings
Chevette: Windscreen reflection reduced
Stock Car Cruze, Corlla 2020: Added dynamic dirt & damage

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