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Automobilista 2 September 2021 Development Update
https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/ ... ate.20211/

Para la actualización de finalse de septiembre añadirán el BMW 2002 Turbo.
Monza será el siguiente circuito Premium que se añadirá como DLC de pago, incluirán las versiones de 1971, 1991, pre-2000 y 2021.
A finales de noviembre tienen planeado sacar la segunda parte del DLC Racin' USA cuyo contenido se empezará a desvelar en el October 2021 Development Update.
El Multiplayer Rating System quieren lanzarlo a finales de año pero una beta pública junto a mejoras del multijugador podría salir en noviembre para los propietarios del juego.

Hotfix disponible
Fixed refueling option of pit strategy applying incorrectly in non-race sessions when refueling is disabled

Fixed mis-aligned help texts on Event race settings page
Added translations for recently added options
Fixed car HUD damage text defaulting to 100% when damage is disabled

Minor tire tread adjustments to GT Classics cars
Corvette C3 R: Small adjustment to front and rear track width; Fixed clutch slipping in some circunstances
Minor adjustment to AI lateral movement rate
Fixed an issue where AI would qualify with too much fuel on board when refueling is disabled
Fixed an issue where AI would add too much fuel in the second stint of practice/qualifying

Mini Vintage: Fixed chase cam view having discrete front / rear sound in live play
BMW M1 & Group A: Corrected surface sounds
Corvette C3 Vintage: Minor adjustment to high RPM interior mix

Added or adjusted pit entry & exit cones for all tracks
Interlagos: Further Z-fight fixes on GP temp stands

Corvette C3 & C3 R: Tweaked the damage model; Adjusted the bonnet vibration effect in cockpit view; Adjusted driver position on cockpit view
Camaro SS: Cockpit view bonnet vibration effect adjustment
MCR2000: Added driver animations; Detached the gear shifter in the cockpit; Added under the bonnet bits in cockpit view; Added damage models; Added dangling damaged parts.
Lotus 23: Fixed the graphic artifacts
Corrected Bridgstone Potenza 01 tire normal map texture

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 6571788595
Imagino que somos pocos para hacer retos semanales, hot lap, no?

Por aprender coches nuevos y circuitos. [carcajad]
Disponible actualización V1.2.4.1 y DLC de pago de Monza con las versiones de distintas épocas
Added Monza featuring Modern GP, Junior, 1971 GP, 1971 Junior, 1971 10Km, 1971 10Km without chicane, 1991 GP layouts (all part of the Monza DLC Package)

Implemented Real Weather API for 5 days in the past and 4 days in the future from today
Improved status messages related to real/historic weather availability
Fixed real historic weather for circuits that lay in half-hourly timezones
Real Weather now uses real/forecast data for wind speeds.
Added Real Weather databases for Monza and Salvador
Updated recent historic weather data for all other locations
Fixed error in Curitiba Real Weather that was causing weather data to not be found by the game
Fixed valid weather API response failing to parse in some cases
Fixed a case where a weather API call wouldn't be made when it should
Fixed Championship Editor not persisting mandatory stop setting correctly

Reorganized and refreshed session overview and pre-event leaderboards to increase number of rows and allow grouping by class.
All in-game environment information (time/temp etc) is now updated live on all screens.
Added event session information, current vehicle setup, and current pit strategy to session overview and pre-event screens.
Fixed lobby page starting in wrong state
Fixed Per Vehicle FFB input on setup screen not capturing mouse movement
Fixed pedal bar overlap on telemetry HUD
Adjusted loading screens to show real weather icon when appropriate[

Further minor tire tread adjustments for GT3, GTE, StockV8, F-Ultimate F-Reiza, F-V12, F-Classic, DPi & P1 cars
StockV8 2019: Minor aero revision
F-Ultimate: Added custom track ERS maps optimizing boost for straights in all GP layouts
Corrected extreme weather tire tread for F-Reiza & F-Ultimate
Ultima GTR Race: Revised default setup
Adjusted parked FFB forces for several cars to reduce rattling while standing still
Increased default steering lock setting for several cars with high steering rotation

Improved AI overtaking logic
Improved AI behaviour when behind a slower car in Practice/Qualifying sessions.
Adjusted AI lateral movements for smoother / more natural reactions
Decreased AI performance in 70-100% Strength range
Improved AI blue flag behaviour
Adjusted AI brake power & grip
Various adjustments to AI overtaking parameters
AI corner & straightline callibration passes
Adjusted AI wet launch performance for GTs & F-Ultimate
Taruma: Adjusted AI line to keep AI from leaving the track at T7 entry
Fixed duplicated F-Ultimate driver (Patrice Daigneau)
Minor GT Classics AI adjustment

Updated grass roll sample
Fixed issue where skidding on grass at high speed could trigger tarmac skidding sounds
F_Ultimate: Fixed missing exhaust sound for local reverb
Opala (all variants): Fixed missing startup sounds.
Passat HC: fixed low RPM sound mixing
F-Retro: Adjusted startup sound
F-Classic G2M1: Improved sound loops, fixed missing startup sound
Montana: fixed missing startup sound
Fixed recently introduced issue with interior engine sound on late 70's DFV engined formulas & polished some loops
Porsche RSR '74: polished all engine loops
Sauber C9 Increased backfire off throttle, polished some loops
BMW M1 Procar: Polished all engine loops

Montreal: Minor LOD adjustments
Various 3D crowd LOD adjustments
Hockenheim 1988 GP/Short: Moved rolling start location

F-Vintage (all models): Detached the cockpit gear shift; Adjusted the driver feet position on cockpit view; Adjusted hand animations during gear changes
Mini JCW UK: Detached cockpit gear shifter; Adjusted hand animations during gear changes
Iveco Truck: Added driver animations; Fixed cockpit camera; Detached cockpit gear shifter; Fixed driver outfit assignment.
ARC Camaro: Added dirt/damage texture; Added dangling damaged parts; Changed the driver model; Detached the gear shifter on the cockpit; Adjusted the driver shifting animation; Revised collision models; Changed wiper position and Changed the bonnet model to allow the bonnet to be detached when damaged; Added the inner bonnet bits on cockpit view; Merged the boot with the rear wing; Adjusted the cockpit view to match the driver model position; Changed the cockpit interior to make room for the driver legs; fixed driver LODs; Fixed cockpit rear view camera
Metalmoro AJR: Fixed missing gear indicator in LCD display
Stock Cruze & Corolla 2021: Added livery overrides
Porsche RSR 74: Fixed cockpit steering wheel´s pivot position
F309: Fixed RPM lights
MetalMoro AJR: New display layout; Fixed car thumbnails
BMW M8 GTE: Corrected rpm lights
Ginneta G40 GT5/CUP: Add gauges glow
Corvette C3: Added gauges lights

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 8370556274

Parche disponible
Updated recent Real Weather data

Fixed tire temperature status widget not updating on some in-game screens
Fixed last session status being displayed on pre race leaderboard
Fixed championship round editor incorrectly altering session start hours when propagating race date changes
Fixed center column of drivetrain tab unelectable on setup editor
Fixed practice weather slot4 of in game session settings block referencing qualifying slot4

Minor tire tread adjustment for F-Vintages
Minor brake torque adjustment for all GT & Prototypes
AI callibration pass for F-V12, F-Vintage G1
Adjusted AI brake power & grip
Adjusted AI Grip multipliers for Monza 1991 & Modern
Adjusted AI to start passing routines sooner
Slightly increased parameter to reducing AI propensity to cut corner to avoid a crash

Monza 2021 GP: Slight increased width of green runoff at Lesmos 1 and 2
Monza 1971: Increased road noise on banked oval first draft; Optimized terrain shadows, new shadow dummy for banked track structures Increased grid spacing
General art updates to all Monza versions

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 4868973596
Parche disponible

Added BMW 2002 to Vintage Touring Cars Tier 1 class

Split Mini 1965 & Lotus 23 into a separate Vintage Touring Car tier from Corvette C3 and BMW 2002
Fixed source of CTD when going into the pits with Copa Truck
Updated recent Real Weather data

Fixed issue that resulted in stale status data being displayed on pre-race leaderboard.
Fixed camera toggle incorrectly displaying on pre session leaderboard
Fixed pre session multiplayer chat issue
Pre-session screen now foces camera to player

Minor tire tread adjustments to BMW Procar, Group A, Group C, Vintage Touring Cars, Opala 1979, Opala Old Stock, F-Vee, F-Classic Gen3, P1
Slightly reduced slick tires tread adhesion with water
Revised crankshaft mass of all cars for more accurate engine speed inertia
Revised wheel bearings for street cars
Mclaren 720S GT3: Revised aero; minor weight distribution & engine torque curve correction
BMW Procar: Moved default brake bias slightly rearwards
Adjused LSD differentials fos C3 & C3-R
Revised brake torque for F-Trainers, F-Vee, Lotus 23, Mini 1965
Adjusted steering lock range for high steering rotation cars (same default setting from before, lower minimal setting)
F-Vintage: Adjusted default final drive for Gen 1 model 1
Adjusted FFB Max force for Corvette C3, BMW 2002, Mini 1965
Revised Lotus 23 chassis inertia values
Group A: AI callibration pass
Further decreased AI Strength in the 70-100% range
Monza 1991: Adjusted AI performance

Fixed redundancy causing double entries for water splash sound

Monza 2020: Performance optimization & LOD pass; Added drain material to curbs for Livetrack functionality: Increase track limits at t3 runoff of Monza Junior layout
Monza 1991: Performance optimization pass, LOD pass, Minor fixes; Updated trackside cameras
Monza 1971: Move 10k rolling start location to mid point oval back straight; Fixed S/F Score Tower Z-fighting
Curitiba & Londrina: Rebuilt concrete walls to sort strange collisions

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 8425130142
Parche disponible
Fixed an issue that would lead to blown engines and seemingly random pit lane speeding penalties when using real weather and a time/date close to the edge of the available range of dates.

Minor tire tread adjustments to F-V10 Gen 1, F-Classic Gen1 & Gen3
Further minor crankshaft mass adjustments
BMW 2002 Turbo: Minor differential adjustments
F-Classic Gen1: Slightly increased default preload, slightly adjusted diffuser center of pressure, increased default turbo boost from 60 to 80%

Fixed an issue that could lead to AI unnecessarily lifting in straights with shallow curves when track is wet or tyres are worn
Fixed an issue that could lead to AI having different potential ability depending on if a session started wet or dry
F-Classic (all gens): AI callibration pass

BMW 2002 Turbo: Further general updates

Velocitta: Updated track to latest references (including revised T2 run-off & green-painted curb extensions)

Corvette C3: Fixed wiper cleaning issue

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 0964922323
Parche disponible

Fixed incorrect environment values on session results screen
Updated recent historic weather data for all other locations

Made ICM Value adjustment inputs continuous
Explicitly display 'NO' when a vehicle has no factory fitted electronic aids
Removed 'Sync to Race' weather progression and replaced with 'Real Time' as default option in Test Day
Changed replay fast forward rewind speed steps and added UI indicator of current speed
Added an on screen message when mandatory pit window opens
Fixed incorrect weather dates used for custom championship pre-race sessions.

Minor tire tread adjustments to Porsche Cup, F-Classics Gen1 & 2, Group C, F-V10 Gen1, F-Reiza Opala 1986 / Omega 1999 Stock Cars
Further crankshaft mass fine-tuning to Group C, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza
Further revised slick tread sensitiveness to water to minimise chances of tires becoming unusable past a certain threshold of saturation
Minor adjustments to diffuser center of pressure in all F-Classics, F-V10 Gen1 & Mclaren MP4-12
Group C: Minor adjustments to default diff coast ramps on both cars; Fixed Sauber C9 clutch slipping on upshifts

Fixed an issue that could lead to AI lifting in straights for very tiny invisible amounts of surface water
Adjusted AI puddle lifting logic to better account for puddle depth
Fixed an issue where some vehicles wouldn't receive blue flags in some specific places (Curitiba main straight for example)
Fixed some AI vehicles would enter hotlap behaviour as soon as they left pits in qualy/practice instead of entering outlap behaviour
Made AI work harder to avoid the passing cars lane under blue flag conditions
Increased distance AI cars under blue flag will factor cars behind to move out of the way
Velocitta: AI tweaks (less apex grass trimming and sausage surfing)

Velocitta: Fixed hole in grass, uneven terrain under garage tents leading to cars; cleaned up garage positions
Spa 1993: Revised track cut limits at bus stop chicane. Remove grass crete at 2nd apex
Long Beach: Added new csm wall (fixing sidewalk curb at pit lane exit causing strange collision)
Snetterton: Fixed strange pit wall collision; TSO lod pass; Reduced armco shimmering; Enabled start lights
Brands Hatch: Fixed strange pit wall collision
Fixed latitude/longitude of Nordschleife & Londrina resulting in slightly innacurate Real Weather data

BMW M3 E30: Fixed internal windscreen banner for cars #57 #58
Metalmoro MRX P4: Added 6 new liveries

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 8326894624

La semana que viene Reiza Studios publicará el Development Update en el que darán detalles sobre la gran actuailización que saldrá a finales de noviembre
https://twitter.com/ReizaStudios/status ... 6387171328

Parche disponible

Added chat box to Monito
Fixed pit entry on Donington GP track map

Super V8: Revised tire tread, aero & inertia
Minor tire tread adjustments to GT3, GT4, GT5, F-V10 Gen1, F-Reiza Porsche Cup, F-Classic (all gens)
Slightly reduced overall draft effects
Adjusted brake torque for GTE cars, SuperV8
Revised water displacement rate of wet & intermediate compounds (slightly less in wet tires, more in intermediates for overall smaller gap between them)
F-V10 Gen1: Further front wing adjustments
Mclaren 720S: Revised 1st & final drive ratios
Altered AI initialization to prevent performance in the whole session being limited by the starting session conditions
Fixed AI using incorrect throttle map in some vehicles
AI calibration pass for F-V0 Gen1, F-Reiza, GT3, Super V8
Spa-Francorchamps 1993/2020: Improved AI performance thru Eau Rouge and Radillon
Kansai: Improved AI behavior leaving West layout garage stalls; Increased West layout max AI opponents to 17

Buskerud: Fix physical terrain near start/finish tire wall; Minor performance optimizations

Revised exhaust backfiring parameters

November 2021 Development Update
https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/ ... ate.21513/

Los VW Polo & Virtus se añadirán al juego de manera gratuita y, además, en forma de demo gratuita para los que no tengan el juego.
Físicas mejoradas
Mónaco será actualizado gratuitamente usando datos de escaneo láser.
La IA podrá ser modificable (nombre, personalidad y rendimiento) por los jugadores
Se podrá limitar el número de sets de neumáticos
La 2ª parte del DLC Racin' USA incluirá los Champ Car de los 90
Nuevos coches como el Aston Martin GT3, Mercedes-AMG GT4, Nissan GT1...

En 2 semanas habrá más detalles del Racin USA Part 2 y del lazamiento Beta del Multiplayer Rating System.
A ver cuándo Reiza cumple con lo prometido y actualiza a PBR su contenido de rFactor 2, es donde mejor se va a sentir
Disponible la demo de Automobilista 2 que incluye

The Demo currently features:

Custom Event / Test Day / Time Trial Game modes
Volkswagen Polo & Virtus TSI 1.0
Autódromo Velo Città (3 layouts)

https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/ ... sed.21730/

Para los que tengan el juego, los coches de la demo estarán disponible en una actualización que debería salir este fin de semana.

Automobilista 2 November Development Update Part 2
https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/ ... t-2.21794/

Hablan sobre mejoras en las físicas, en la IA, en el FFB, el Multiplayer Rating System entrará en beta en la versión 1.3 y están trabajando con servicios Third Party para integrar mejor el sistema y que haya carreras programadas.

El Racin´ USA Pt2 saldrá a final de mes e incluirá el Formula USA Gen2 de 1998 y 2 circuitos: Watkins Glen y Cleveland. Y antes de navidades añadirán al pack el Formula USA Gen1 de 1995 y el Gen3 del 2000 y un circuito oficial que están pendientes de firmar la licencia.

El Racin´ USA Pt3 tardará en salir más de lo previsto pero, a cambio, añadirán más circuitos de los que estaban previstos inicialmente sin que tengan que pagar mas los poseedores del Racin´ USA Expansion Pack y del Season Pass. Esta parte 3 incluirá circuitos ovales y variantes ovales de los monoplazas Formula USA.

Han llegado a un acuerdo con Nissan para incluir varios de sus modelos y están pendientes de firmar con 2 fabricantes más que llegarán en 2022.
Parche disponible

Added Volkswagen Polo & Virtus to TSI Cup class
Added updated Azure 2021 (replacing old Azure))

Added support for customizing AI driver names & personalities (See Information for Customizing AI drivers in AMS2 V1.3 for details)
Minor revisions to shadow cascading parameters, slightly improving shadow quality especially for HIGH and lower settings

Added driver profile statistics page
Added minimum rating information to server browser
Lobby Page: Condensed mutually exclusive icons to one field; Switched to short vehicle names; Added player rank information.
Extended player interaction pop-up to include remote player profile information; Added Steam profile link and friend request button.
Added Full variant tachometer (default option for new profiles)
Reordered vehicles by names/numbers in the vehicle selection screen
Revised & corrected all UI vehicle information, addressing several innacuracies
Updated label of Exit to Main Menu button on multiplayer session results screen
Fixed session overview and pre-event menu alignment
Fixed race session settings being incorrectly displayed on test day session overview

Added DEFAULT+ profile
Exposed FFB gain per vehicle to FFB script files.
Adjusted base gyro/damping FFB calculations
Reduced FFB parking force multiplier to minimise rattling when standing still

Extensive revisions to all tires & driveline models, with several corrections & improvements; the driveline updates include addition of elasticity moelling & fixing a bug clutch LSD preload calculation
Revised ABS & Traction Control slip ranges & scaling
Adjusted camber & toe step increments (now all camber & toe adjustments are +/- 0.1 degrees in cars that weren´t already set to that standard
Revised default setups of all cars to a more suitable baseline
Revised body drag coefficients of Sprint Race, Caterhams (all models) Caterhams, F-Classics, BMW M6 & M8
Revised Ginetta G55 setup & aero distribution
R-Retro Gen1: Moved diffuser center of pressure slightly forward
Sprint Race: Slightly reduced brake torque, increased body drag coefficient, minor CoG height adjustment
F-Vee: Reduced baseline steering lock by 1.5 deg
Adjusted Super V8 FFB smoothing, wheel rates, raised default tire pressure
Revised drag coefficients for
GT3: Revised baseline rear downforce for all models for more accurate aero balance
Ginetta G55: Revised default setup & aero distribution; Slightly reduced brake torque & default bias
Sprint Race: Minor CoG height, diffuser adjustments Slightly reduced brake torque & adjusted default brake bias
BMW M4: Minor default setup adjustments & aero revision, slightly reduced pneumatic trail
Corvette C3: Revised driveline & suspension geometry
Montana: Minor aero revisions
Porsche Cup: Minor rear wing & default setup revisions
Porsche Cayman GT4: Corrected error switching damper rates to non-existent fast dampers
Revised BMW M6 / M8 body drag coefficent (contributes to BoP)

General AI calibration for all cars (further fine-tuning still in ordeR)
Bathurst: Revised AI performance
Adjusted AI Grip multipliers for Kansai, Oulton, Nurburgring, Donington, Santa Cruz, Spa 1993 to minimise gaps to player performance based on spreadsheet results
Adjusted AI corner cut scale to reduce corner cutting by the AI
Adjusted F1 AI field spread
Adjusted GT AI brake distance offset

Updated tires´ road rolling sounds (slightly "drier" with less "windy" artifacts in it.
Updated samples for external camera instead of filtered sample for dry / wet road sounds.
Revised AJR Nissan V6 engine
Porsche GT3-R: Fixed issue where transmission became inaudible off throttle
Porsche Cup: Corrected surface sounds
Mclaren 720S: Fixed missing traction control sound
Adjusted traction control sounds

Virginia: Several graphical and physical corrections; Minor AI tweaks (North pit layouts); Adjusted brake marker positioning
VeloCitta: Further track adjustments according to latest reference material
Bathurst: Fixed hotel railing transparency in fog conditions.
Kyalami Historic: Fixed red building zfight, Crowds LODs, some minor static object LOD pops; minor Z-Fight in treeline
Campo Grande, Ibarra, Imola, Imola 1972, Imola 1988, Imola 2001: 3d crowd LOD fixes
Goiania: Minor LOD fixes
Monza 1991: Fix hole in grass at Della Roggia Chicane

Mercedes E190 DTM: Fixed windscreen issue
Caterhams: Fixed right front cockpit tire spinning the wrong way
Copa Montana: Fixed sticker LOD issue
Chevette: Textures updates & fixed light issue
Puma GTB: Fixed cockpit external mirror flickering
Porsche 911 RSR: Corrected cockpit camera position
Corvette C3: Corrected cockpit camera position
F-Classic G3M1: Fixed RPM display bar
Passat HC: Fixed bonnet camera position
Sprintrace: Corrected RPM lights
Kart Shifter: Corrected RPM lights
Corrected look back camera for: ARC Camaro, F-Classics (all models), F-Retro V12, Lotus72E, Metalmoro MRX P4, McLaren F1 LM
BMW M6 GT3: Fixed display lap time issue
F-Trainer Advenced: Fixed cockpit dashboard issue

https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/ ... sed.21929/

Hotfix disponible

Fixed default Formula championships crashing from targeting old Azure track instead of updated one

Fixed throttle/clutch pedal values inverted on full tacho variant
Fixed replay list not correctly aligned in ultrawide resolutions

Optimization pass on Default+ profile
FFB adjustments to BMW M4, M6 & M8 GTE; F-Vee, Mini 1965, Corvette C3 & C3-R, TSI Cup

Further tire tread revisions & AI Calibration pass for F-Trainer, Caterham Academy, Vintage TC1, Vintage TC2, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, TSI Cup, Opalas, Omega Stock, F-Vee
Further fine-tuning of Traction Control slip ranges
Adjusted crankshaft mass for Vintage Touring Cars & Copa Classic
Corrected VW Polo & Virtus mass
Increased preload resistance in cars with open differential

Adjusted traction control sounds for all cars

Azure Circuit 2021: Reduced AI on AI trapping against armcos causing crashes/pileups; adjusted line at the chicane to reduce AI going 2-wide and clipping the barriers causing crashes/pileups; Reposition the rolling start location to before last corner and reduce rolling speed to 60 kph

TSI Cup: Fixed missing custom livery folders causing mix-up with Mini liveries; Fixed small gap in cockpit dashboard

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 1942453289
Ya está disponible el DLC Racin USA Pack Parte 2 con los CART de los 90: Lola T98, Reynard 98i (con motorizaciones Ford, Honda, Mercedes y Toyota) y Swift 009c y los circuitos de Cleveland y Watkins Glen. Road America y los Gen1 (Reynard 95i & Lola T95) y Gen3 (Reynard 2Ki & Lola B2K/00 ) de los CART serán añadidos a final de mes
https://twitter.com/ReizaStudios/status ... 7029687296

Las 2 partes del DLC se podrán jugar gratis durante este finde.
https://twitter.com/ReizaStudios/status ... 9659515911

Parche disponible

Added Cleveland Burke Lakefront airport circuit (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)
Added Watkins Glen International (4 layouts) (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)

Added Reynard 98i, Swift 009C, Lola T98 to Formula USA Gen2 class (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)

Optimized FFB/custom script performance
Further revisions to shadow cascading parameters
Revised AI suspension rates to minimise some cars appearing to "jitter" in online races (as prediction netcode for human opponents in Multiplayer uses those same AI parameters)
Fixed selection issues in Custom AI grids feature
Further adjustments to shadow cascading parameters

Added engine displacement, weight distribution, wheelbase specs to vehicle browser and loading screen
Added driver flag to pre/post session leaderboards
Fixed online rating regulations options being visible in single player.
Fixed stretched fuel icon on session overview screen
Fixed stretched flag textures on nationality selection screen
Fixed aspect ratio of loading screen vehicle render
Adjusted mouse activation zones on monitr screen
Updated credits list

Minor tire tread revisions to GTE, GT3, F-V10 G1, F-V10 G2, F-Reiza, Super V8
Revised rain tires for all classes; Increased slick dropoff in wet for GT cars
Further fine-tuning for ABS system
F-Trainer AI Calibration pass
Revised rain tires; Increased slick dropoff in wet for GT cars
Added wet & hard compounds for F-USA G2; medium & revised hard for F-ultimate
Adjusted helper spring rates for Porsches Cup, GT3-R & RSR GTE
Updated SuperV8 suspension (reducing sprung mass), revised splitter aero
Revised AI suspension parameters should minimise issues with AI potentially rolling or bouncing off high curbs on some tracks

https://store.steampowered.com/news/app ... 6685023233
Me compré este juego por 12 euros pero tengo el TS-PC con el aro Ferrari 488 y por lo que he visto en foros de habla inglesa esta versión de aro no es compatible, supongo que nadie sabrá como arreglarlo no?

@er185 alguna idea?
megachao escribió:Me compré este juego por 12 euros pero tengo el TS-PC con el aro Ferrari 488 y por lo que he visto en foros de habla inglesa esta versión de aro no es compatible, supongo que nadie sabrá como arreglarlo no?

@er185 alguna idea?

Ni idea, pero aquí https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ ... ch.206305/ el usuario que tiene lo mismo que tú lo ha hecho funcionar haciendo esto https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ ... st-3416329
Pero como puede ser que cun Polo derrape en un circuito a 30 k/h y que el coche después de pasar de segunda vaya ahogado en tercera!! Esto que éeess. Y lo mejor es que pisas el freno y cuando ya vas a diez por hora haces 30 metros patinando.. en fin. No sé los ingenieros o programadores que hacen estos juegos a veces toman a los conductores por tontos o yo que sé. Entiendo que es un juego, pero hombre que se ciñan un poco más a la realidad coone porque algunos comportamientos de los vehículos son de risa.
er185 escribió:
megachao escribió:Me compré este juego por 12 euros pero tengo el TS-PC con el aro Ferrari 488 y por lo que he visto en foros de habla inglesa esta versión de aro no es compatible, supongo que nadie sabrá como arreglarlo no?

@er185 alguna idea?

Ni idea, pero aquí https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ ... ch.206305/ el usuario que tiene lo mismo que tú lo ha hecho funcionar haciendo esto https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ ... st-3416329

Gracias, pero por lo que veo ese usuario lo configura para el TS-PC Racer, el problema es que yo tengo el aro del Ferrari 488 que para el juego es como si tuviera otro volante.
No he tenido ningún problema con ningún otro simulador pero sin embargo con este si. Seguire buscando soluciones o esperare que saquen un parche. Gracias de nuevo.
Scalhada escribió:Pero como puede ser que cun Polo derrape en un circuito a 30 k/h y que el coche después de pasar de segunda vaya ahogado en tercera!! Esto que éeess. Y lo mejor es que pisas el freno y cuando ya vas a diez por hora haces 30 metros patinando.. en fin. No sé los ingenieros o programadores que hacen estos juegos a veces toman a los conductores por tontos o yo que sé. Entiendo que es un juego, pero hombre que se ciñan un poco más a la realidad coone porque algunos comportamientos de los vehículos son de risa.

Está muy verde en algunas cosas este juego, si quieres mejor manejo y comportamiento más realista tienes otras opciones mejores
Por si alguien le pueda interesar, solucioné el problema con el aro Ferrari 488 Evo. Hay que meterse en el panel de control de Windows y en los ajustes del volante desactivar la configuracion avanzada y dejar con la normal. Asi el juego lo reconoce pero como un TS-PC racer. Anulando, eso sí, algunos botones.

Por otro lado, el juego me parece una maravilla. El FFB es de los mejores que he sentido. Fisicas buenas, aunque me hace algo raro en frenada. Ahi si me recuerda al PC2. Pero bien en general.
Este juego con combinaciones tipo grupo 5 y monza antiguo te salen carreras muy guapas. Ojala implementen algo en el online como dicen, carreras oficiales diarias tipo GT Sport
Parche disponible
Added Real Weather historical data for Cleveland & Watkins Glen

Fixed instances where custom AI drivers would have the wrong nationailty
Fixed an issue where all AI would have incorrect nationality in session results screen
Fixed leaderboard not being enabled by default in cockpit view
Added tyre wear and temp info to damage widget (this can be disabled by selecting the minimal version
Equalised opacity across all tach/damage modes.
Corrected engine layout UI info for Camaro GT4R & Copa Classic FL Fusca

F-USA: Adjusted tire tread for both compounds; adjusted default gear ratios & added extra final drive options; increased aero drop-off with yaw; switched off downishft autoblip; adjusted pit stop rules & timing
Made AI vehicles uncollidable earlier on pit entry

Cleveland: Enabled standing starts & moved rolling start position 300m back
Watkins Glen: Enabled standing starts & moved rolling start position 300m back; Added added watchtowers; start gantry, warning light poles, worn maps mapping for tirewalls/tecpro barriers, garages scoretowers, more buildings and gantry structures, tweaked startlight gantry, added startlight; Reworked T1 curbs to minimise issues with AI; Adjusted track limits to not allow running wide into escape roads

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V1.3.1.1 -> V1.3.2.0 CHANGELOG

Added Fanatec CLS DD control sets
Fixed view changing to default attached camera instead of last driving view after switching camera on session live timing boards
Fixed MP Opponent type spinner allowing wrap and causing class list display issues
Fixed missing player avatar image on profile affinity tab
Fixed incorrect wheel range for some controllers
Rate limited Fanatec rumble motor updates

Fixed an issue that would prevent driver profile details being saved in some instances.
Added user option to configure ICM auto-close time (options > gameplay > display > ICM Auto-Close)
Replay screen: Allowed info elements to remain visible when controls are hidden and added watched driver overview.
Added "Favourite Content" info to Profile screen.
Added "Outlap" status to session overview screen.
Fixed main menu replays button not opening correct profile tab
Fixed incorrect environment info on advanced setup screen
Adjusted scaling of weight distribution values
Added option to "unready" in pre-race screen
Fixed Online Opponent Settings page not showing all set classes
Fixed track map overlap on lobby details page

Revised ideal temperature & range for all tires (generally slightly lower ideal temps and wider operating windows for road, vintage & harder semi-pro level slicks & semislicks, higher and narrower on higher top level compounds)
Slightly reduced road & vintage tire tread velocity sensitivity
Revised tire carcass of F-Classic (all gens), Group C, F-Ultimate
Minor tire tread adjustments to Group C cars, F-Classic Gen 1 & 2, Street & Vintage tires
Further driveline flex adjustments & added flex to remaining driveline models that still didn´t feature it
Revised aero drop-off with yaw angle for all formulas, GTs & Prototypes
Minor default setup adjustments to Stock Car 2019, Stock Car 2020/2021, Camaro GT4-R, BMW 2002, Porsche GT1, F-Ultimate, Super V8, Porsche RSR 1974, BMW M4, GTE, GT3, GT4 & Group A cars (setup reset recommended)
Porsche Cayman GT4: Corrected weight distribution & adjusted default setup (setup reset recommended)
Super V8: adjusted gear ratios
Reduced FFB parking force (correcting error that increased the parking forces in a previous build)
Fixed incorrectly pre-warmed tires for Stock Car 2019, Copa Montana, Stock Car 2020 & 2021

Fixed AI issue that would result in pit entry/exit overshoots/slides
AI in process of retiring before making it to main racing line merge will now do so immediately instead of waiting some time and risking tangling with other AI cars
Adjusted AI behaviour if encountering understeer on pit entry
Fixed AI sometimes getting stuck on track in reverse gear
Revised AI pit entrance speed tweakers

Cleveland: More details to the airport buildings, few material fixes for other buildings, added collisions for planes, trackside vehicles and structures that are visible through all the sessions; the cement wall on the exit of T8 has got some rubber battle scars; Adjusted brightness of night lighting
Watkins Glen: Added crowds at Turn 10; Terrace, restaurant, few more outside buildings More AIW tweaks (short layout); Rolling start P1 is now on the right hand side added small grandstand before T1, slightly corrected marshall huts; rubber marks on the tirewall at the exit of T9; updated trackside cameras
Salvador: Added wall at the monument chicane to avoid AI cars getting stranded on the grass island
Distance from start-line from which a track limit infraction would invalidate the following lap is now customized per track
Daytona: Moved rolling start location to exit of bus stop chicane, increase gap between grid rows
Monza (All layouts): Revised rolling start location; Fixed graphical issue on the tunnel
Long Beach: Revised rolling start location and rolling start velocity; Switch P1 to left-hand side
Azure 2021: Add some missing flower boxes to runoff at the chicane; Remove some out of place 2d ivy and cleanup the foliage clipping the walls at the hairpin
Interlagos Historic: Adjusted AI path for better pit-in behavior; Moved pit guy to minimise clipping into garage wall; Adjusted AI line to reduce corner cuts at Descida do Lago; Smoothed out an abnormal dip on the outer loop junction
Interlagos: Adjusted pit lane entrance path
Curitiba: Adjusted fastline at Entrada do Miolo / Esse de Baixa; Adjusted corridors; Move rolling start location 250m back before last corner
Campo Grande: Fixed garage depth causing AI to hit wall on pit exit; Adjusted AI fast line through S1,S2; Improved pit entry path
Kyalami: Fixed gap between grass and road ; Fix gravel traps resistance (switch sand to gravel); Corrected 3d crowd LODs
Speedland: Added rain blockers to indoor segment
Spa-Francorchamps 2020: Added rain blockers to garage building
Spielberg: Fix gap in pitlane mesh; Minor LOD fixes & optimization pass
Brasilia: Fixed garage depth causing AI to hit wall on pit exit
Added VR cams to Brasilia, Spielberg Vintage
Jacarepagua: Adjusted rolling start locations and speed
Jerez: Adjusted AI fat path & Fixed garage depth causing AI to hit wall on pit exit

F-USA: Revised & fixed driver animation issues (all models)
Swift 009C: Fixed cockpit windows issue
Reynard 98i: Fixed steering rack default position (animation). Fixed tire glitch
Formula Classic G3M2: Revised the driver animation, fixed driver head position
McLaren 720S GT3 Material: update for liveries #27 #90; New sponsors added for liveries #11 #22 #87
Stock Car Omega: Updated windshield textures
VW Polo/Virtus: Updated custom materials
Formula V10 Gen1: Updated driver animations.
Roco: Fixed left tires sidewall issue

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Automobilista 2 December 2021 Development Update
https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/ ... ate.22709/

A finales de enero del 2022 saldrá el contenido restante del Racin' USA Pt2, durante el primer trimestre saldrá las versiones de 1970 de Spa y Nürburgring. En la próxima actualización saldrá el Formula Retro Gen 3 basado en los Formula 1 de 1983 junto al McLaren MP4-1C. A lo largo del año llegarán más monoplazas históricos de Brabham, Lotus y McLaren. Durante el año añadirán más coches, nuevos circuitos, circuitos históricos, mejora en la IA, más características multijugador, logros de Steam, periodos con Safety Car, carreras oval, carreras de dirt y la implementación del elaborado modo Carrera.
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