DevilutionX (Diablo) publicado


Ok I have finished all the loose ends and finally have it ready. Runs on 64MB stock machines no issues now. You can grab a copy below, no need to patch for modded machines.

I did not include multiplayer, as nearly nobody uses it now days as far as I'm aware, could be included in future without too much trouble tho. We are currently using the latest version of DevilutionX, I hope to keep on top of large updates from the mainline.

Source code will be in my public GitHub repo in a few days, I will update this thread with a link when uploaded.

Left analog or D-Pad: move hero
A: select spell, back while in menus
B: attack nearby enemies, talk to townspeople and merchants, pickup/place items in the inventory, OK while in main menu
X: cast spell, delete character while in main menu
Y: pickup items, open nearby chests and doors, use item in the inventory
Black: use health item from belt
White: use mana potion from belt
L Trigger: character sheet (alt: Start + L Trigger or ←)
R Trigger: inventory (alt: Start + Black or →)
Left analog click: toggle automap (alt: Start + ↓)
Start + Back: game menu (alt: Start + ↑)
Back + A/B/X/Y: Spell hotkeys
Right analog: move automap or simulate mouse
Right analog click: left mouse click (alt: Back + L Trigger)
Back + Right analog click: right mouse click (alt: Back + R Trigger)
Back + Black: quest log (alt: Start + X)
Back + White: spell book (alt: Start + A) ... 188&t=6666

PD: Lo que el hilo sea el 6666 xD
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