• Doom 1 (gz3doom) *Should work with any doom engine game like Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen, strife, or brutal doom. Updated with motion controls - weapons in other games Heretic, Hexen, etc. will need updating for VR. There is a Wolfenstein 3D mod which again needs updated weapons. (partially updated weapons for Wolfenstein VR)
  • Voxel Weapons pack for Doom VR - enhanced weapons models. Should work with any mods/maps that use the standard weapons. Heretic and Hexen voxel models don't exist and will need to be created from original sprite models.
  • Penumbra *The dev seems to have stopped supporting it and deleted the release versions,so if anyone knows an alternative or how to get this working please share.



SBS (3D Only, Requiere Virtual Desktop o BigScreen)

  • Citra *Soportado oficialmente
  • RPCS3 *Soportado oficialmente